Saturday, November 12, 2011

A quick thought

The Eucharist is like a two-way mirror. When held up for us (either during the consecration at Mass or in Eucharistic Adoration) we see, with our senses, only bread. In the same way, a man in a room with a two-way mirror sees only the mirror - and in it, a representation of himself, warts and all.

But on the other side of the mirror - in some sense, i guess, the "real side" of the mirror - whole groups of observers may be there, watching from the other side, questioning, encouraging, cheering on the man in the mirror to do the right thing.

In just this sense, the Eucharist is viewed and adored in Heaven - this same Eucharist we call "bread" here - as the Holy Lamb who was Slaughtered, as it says in Revelation.

We look into the mirror side (as St Paul tells us) they see Him as He really is. And through Him, they see us - His Body, the Church. They cheer for us, they pray for and encourage us.

I'm not so sure I captured well here what I was trying to say. Ill have to think and pray about it more.

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